Experience Total Mind and Body Relaxation with Reiki Healing

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the time to relax and unwind can be difficult. When all of the stresses of work, home, and everything else that your plate is filled with starts to overflow and you feel like you’re crumbling under the pressure, you can start feeling overworked, over-stressed, and overwhelmed.


When you feel like your battery is about to run out of power, it’s crucial that you take a rest and give yourself the much-needed relaxation that you so desire – and require. Downtime isn’t frivolous; it’s a necessity. If you’ve been searching for a way to relax your body and mind and experience the rejuvenation that you so desperately need, consider Reiki healing.

At Silver Secrets, our Certified Reiki Master will help you renew your energy, restore your balance, and improve your overall health and well-being.


What is Reiki Healing?


Reiki is an ancient holistic healing technique that originated in Japan thousands of years ago. Also known as energy healing, the practice involves the passage of life energy from a certified Reiki practitioner to a recipient.

The term “Reiki” is derived from two Japanese words: “rei”, which loosely translates to “universal” in English, and “ki”, or “energy”. Combined, the two words perfectly describe the principles behind this healing method: the passage of universal healing energy from one person to another.

The body is made up of and surrounded by energy fields. When those energy fields are flowing properly, the body is relaxed, the mind is clear, and physical, mental, and spiritual well-being are balanced; however, physical and emotional pain can block these fields. When the energy fields are blocked, negative side effects can occur; stress, anxiety, and physical ailments, for example. Through Reiki, these blocks are removed and the natural, healthy flow of energy is restored.




The Benefits of Reiki Therapy


The goal of Reiki is to facilitate mental, emotional, and physical well-being  by transferring life force energy from one person – a certified Reiki Master – to another individual whose energy fields are blocked. In doing so, the blocks are removed, and the recipient of healing energy can experience a wealth of energy.

The effects of Reiki healing can be quite profound. While every person will have a different experience, some of the most notable benefits that can be gained from this form of energy healing include:


  •         Reduced stress and anxiety
  •         Improved mood
  •         Relaxation and more productive sleep
  •         Strengthened physical immunity
  •         Stronger emotional health
  •         Enhanced spiritual well-being
  •         Sharper astuteness


Many recipients of Reiki healing find that they feel a total sense of mental and physical relaxation; they’re more in-tune with their bodies and minds, as well as the world around them. Receivers of healing energy also find that their stress and anxiety levels decrease dramatically; feel healthier and physically stronger, too.

The effects of Reiki are so profound that this form of energy healing is used to treat numerous clinical physical illnesses and mental health conditions, such as:


  •         Various forms of cancer
  •         Depression and anxiety
  •         Cardiovascular disease
  •         Chronic pain disorders
  •         Autoimmune diseases
  •         Infertility
  •         Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and other forms of neurodegenerative diseases


Because of the vast benefits that Reiki offers, it’s easy to see why so many have been relying on this form of holistic healing to treat an assortment of conditions for centuries.


What to Expect


The passage of energy is often referred to as “Reiki massage”; however, this type of massage is unlike more traditional methods of massage therapy. Instead of manipulating the tissues and muscles of the body to promote stress reduction and facilitate healing, during a Reiki massage, a certified Reiki Master will simply place her or his hands at key points of the body, starting at either the hands or the feet. The healers hands can either be placed a few inches above the body, without any touch, or a light, static touch can be applied; you can choose which option you would prefer prior to start of the session.

Reiki sessions usually last for 90 minutes, though shorter or longer sessions can be arranged to suit your specific needs. Reiki massage takes place in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, which is accented by calming aromas and soothing music. You will be clothed throughout the entire session and can wear whatever feels comfortable; loose-fitting clothing is recommended, such as sweatpants and t-shirts. 


For your first visit, plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled session. This will allow you to share the details of your current mental, emotional and physical state with your practitioner so that she or he can gain a better understanding of your specific needs and goals. During this time, the practitioner will let you know what to expect during your session. You will also be asked to complete a few basic forms.



Silver Secrets: Promoting Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-Being


Experience total mind and body rejuvenation with Reiki healing. To learn more about energy healing or to schedule an appointment, please contact Silver Secrets at your earliest convenience. Our Reiki Master looks forward to helping you find your center and strengthen your well-being.