Diane O.

My name is Diane, I have been going to Dawn now for about 6 months for sciatica pain. I’ve had this pain for months. Dawn treated through Acupuncture & ear tacks. Within 2 months it was gone. I also go to Dawn for stress due to the fact that I have a bad case of Tinnitus. The technique she uses for stress reduction is called Reiki. This treatment relaxes me for days, unlike a massage that feels great while your getting it done but it doesn’t have the lasting affects that the Reiki does. It definitely helps me so I can deal with the tinnitus better. The treatments are very peaceful. She transfers healing energy by placing her hands over or above me. When I’m done with this treatment I am so RELAXED!! I highly recommend Dawn. She is a warm hearted, caring, patient person. I love her!!!!

Chris A.

My name is Chris A. and I am a 42 yr old married father of two little boys. I severely injured my lower back & neck over 20 years ago in a construction accident. I have been diagnosed with herniated lumbar discs at L4-L5 & herniated cervical discs at C5-C6 & C7-C8. I have undergone every imaginable treatment including physical therapy, chiropractic, epidural injections, massage therapy, trigger shots, biofeedback, etc with limited short term success. To be 100% honest, I only decided to try Acupuncture with Dawn at the insistence of my wife, because being a typical guy I really didn’t believe a few needles could help me feel better. I am generally not the type of guy to write a recommendation letter, but after a month or two of regular treatments I started to feel much better. I have continued treatment with Dawn for almost two years now and she has significantly reduced the amount of pain and discomfort I feel on a normal basis. I cannot say that I’m pain free or “cured” but I feel much better than before I started receiving treatments. I play with my boys more often, my wife has pointed out how much better my disposition has become. If you have been recently injured or that annoying little pain has not gone away, I highly recommend a few visits with Dawn as she is great at what she does. She is a warmhearted person who truly cares about her patients and enjoys helping them feel better.

Karen K.

I was approached by a friend to ask if I wanted to get Acupuncture tacks in my ears to help relieve different aliments. I said that I didn’t believe in Acupuncture. After a few weeks, I decided to give it a try. I went to Dawn and told her that I had high blood pressure, sinus problems, and digestive problems. I started going to her every week to get the tacks. I found that it helped my sinuses and digestion tremendously and helped lower my blood pressure. I find that I don’t like to miss a week. Last week when I went to see Dawn, I told her that I had a sinus infection. I was on medication but sinuses were totally blocked on the right side of my face. My ears were clogged. Dawn did a treatment and after the treatment, I felt so much better!! She gave me four magnets to put on my face over my sinuses. I used them for two nights. After about six weeks of being sick and having the right side of my sinuses clogged, my sinuses are finally clear thanks to the Acupuncture. Next time I feel that my sinuses are clogged, I will give Dawn a call to get an Acupuncture treatment. I definitely feel the Acupuncture does a better job that being on medication.


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